ASSIST joins E4D programme in Kenya


Promoting employability of youth, specifically young women, in technical professions is a project which entails skills development through classroom and practical training in the training institution's workshop after which the trainees will be matched to companies for attachments for real work environment practical training and thereafter placed in jobs. Priority occupational skills/KNQA Level IV courses to be supported through this project are Manual Metal Arc Welding, Simple Automation Inspector and Electrical and Electronics. 

The KNQA level IV courses take 6 months to complete (3 months classroom-based training followed by 3 months of practical training during industry attachments). This project targets to support the training of 720 youth in the KNQA level IV courses in the 3 years, at least 70% of whom must be women. In 2021, the first year of implementing this project, target numbers for the 1st cohort of trainees in KNQA level IV courses will be 180, for the 2nd year 2 cohorts will be trained targeting 360 trainees and lastly in 2023 the 3rd cohort targets 180 trainees. The student target numbers per cohort must be attained and trainee retention is key.